INSYTE S.A participates in FEINDEF, the international defense fair, which will take place on November 4, 5 and 6 in pavilions 9 and 10 of IFEMA in Madrid. This fair is considered a benchmark in the defense and security sector in Spain.

FEINDEF was born with the intention of creating a forum that seeks innovation, international cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between companies and institutions in order to promote dialogue and provide a response to Security.

Insyte SA has extensive experience in the manufacture of electronic equipment for Security and Defense, which makes its participation in FEINDEF a key to help the goals of the fair, which aims to be a benchmark worldwide in research and development of the sector.

With more than 30 years of experience and a staff of almost one hundred people, Insyte S.A, offers its clients all the guarantees in the operation of their systems. A highly qualified staff of engineers are in charge of designing and optimizing resources in order to achieve quality standards in efficient and customized solutions. Once manufactured, each system is subjected to highly complex tests that guarantee a reliability of more than 99%.

Technological specialization and adaptation to the specific needs of each client, has made Insyte S.A position itself as a leading company, both in Spain and in the world, obtaining the highest recognition. Insyte S.A is the most reliable partner when designing, manufacturing and repairing electronic equipment, assembling electronic cards and equipment, as well as wiring.

At the forefront in technology and in Research and Development, Insyte S.A has managed to be the strategic partner of clients such as Indra, General Dynamics LandSystems (GDSL), Santa Bárbara, Expal, Artificial or Thales, among others.