At Insyte S.A. we have the best machinery on the market to carry out all types of tests. Before submitting electronic equipment to the testing process, we design strategies adapted to each product. This service is key to offer quality to our customers.

  • The tests are carried out using X-rays to check: on PCBs, the assembly of BGAs and μBGAs; in wiring, the correct connection/assembly of connectors; in windings, the absence of bubbles, etc.
  • This includes the 100% automatic optical inspection of boards.
  • Solder paste inspection prior to assembly of SMD components to verify correct application.
  • Electrical verification prior to assembly of SMD components.
  • Electrical testing on PCBs using Flying- Probes.
  • Continuity testing for wiring, leads, crimp pull, high voltage, frequency, OTDR, OLTS, insertion loss, interferometry.
  • We also carry out tests in which we subject equipment to adverse temperatures.
  • Our testing service makes Insyte S.A. one of the leading companies in the manufacture of electronic equipment, providing 99% reliability.